With Laurent Negrin from Stefano Ricci. - Timeless Elegance, Quality Craftsmanship, and Values of Tradition embody the relationship between Arturo Fuente cigars and Stefano Ricci menswear. To Laurent Negrin, Director of Business Development for Stefano Ricci, “the suggestion to co-brand a limited-edition cigar was a natural complement to each family’s quest for perfection in the luxury market”. Laurent, a 30-year veteran in the textiles and fashion industry, travels the world promoting an international point of view to emerging markets but got his start selling textiles and fabrics by Cotonificio Albini to tailors and luxury brands. Six years ago he joined the Stefano Ricci team and proudly added the (7” by 52 gage) FUENTE OPUSX-STEFANO RICCI, cigars to their home collection. The classic smoking jacket enjoys a rich history and symbolizes a unification of these luxury lifestyle brands. Founded in 1786 the Antico Setificio Fiorentino mill was acquired by Stefano Ricci and is an expression of the magnificence of unique fabrics used to meticulously hand make some of the most refined jackets available on the market today. - Join us for an engaging conversation with Laurent about his passion for cigars and their impact as a lifestyle brand, men’s fashion, early influences and the significance of smoking jackets.

Light em Up Lounge
Mi, 22.Jun.2022 um 20:00
Mi, 22.Jun.2022 um 22:00