C - DOM - Veranstaltungen in der Karibik


A truly unique and unforgettable experience in the cigar industry The Procigar Festival was created by the Dominican Cigar Manufacturers (PROCIGAR) an unforgettable experience in the cigar industry, combining educational opportunities, entertainment, and a large number of exclusives premium cigars. The Festival promotes the Dominican tobacco industry strengthening our current position as exporters of the finest premium cigars in the world. Meet and get to know the most recognized Master Blenders worldwide The event starts in La Romana, in the eastern coast, where you can visit the biggest cigar factory and continues in Santiago de los Caballeros, the cigar capital of the world, for a circuit of simultaneous tours where guests can participate in guided visits to the most exclusive premium cigar factories and tobacco fields, as well as leisure tours that promote the Dominican Republic. Each day culminates with a grand dinner were more than 800 national and international guests gather to celebrate the Dominican tobacco industry.

Zona Franca Industrial de Santiago
Etapa 1, Manzana D, No. 2 Santiago, Dominican Republic
So, 18.Feb.2024 um 00:01
Fr, 23.Feb.2024 um 23:59